15 YEAR MOUTAI 53% 500ML (2019)

The 15 year aged Moutai is characterised by its elegant and complex flavour with a smooth aftertaste. It’s carefully blended with Moutai baijiu and aged for at least 15 years. It is powerful and complex in flavour with a very floral and perfumed aroma with hints of pineapple, guava and kiwi fruit on the nose. There are smoky notes on the mid palate with tropical fruits, white flowers and hints of herbs combined with a long finish.
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Moutai Flying Fairy is a traditional signature product from Moutai. Reminiscent of no other, its taste and aroma includes tropical fruits and pear, smoky nuts and sweet plums. Clear in colour like water but powerful and complex in flavours. It has very floral and perfume like aromas with hints of pineapple, guava and kiwi fruit on the nose. Smoky note in the mid palate tropical fruits, white flowers and hints of herbaceous combined for a long finish. This Baijiu not only has a complex flavour, it is limited edition so it's also a great choice for collectors.
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Fenjiu is a type of light-flavoured spirit. Fenjiu is a Chinese baijiu from Shanxi province. It is recognised for its clean and pure taste. It has delicate aromas with a light and refreshing finish. It is traditionally served warm at 40 degrees Celsius, as it is produced in a cool and mountainous region, and is best matched with Shanxi style food such as their handmade noodles with aged vinegar and chili oil, which is spicy and sour.
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Moutai Astrology Aquarius 375ml

Moutai Chun constellation liquor is a fashionable confession liquor, commemorative liquor, party liquor, and collection liquor specially created for you. The Moutai Constellation series, with low-key, luxurious, and connotative fashion labels, accompanies every moment of consumers' lives. Moutai Chun constellation liquor belongs to the soft sauce-flavored liquor. Its craft is innovated on the basis of the traditional sauce-flavored liquor, which is more complicated and delicate than the traditional craft. The soft sauce-flavored liquor highlights the soft taste, compatible with cotton, refreshing, clean, excellent quality, and highly praised.